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The AutoMileage App tracks every mile you travel, allowing you to save Home and Work locations, as well as any other geographic points of importance: client offices, business services, locations, your accountant, meeting venues, or even coffee shops.


The AutoMileage App is an incredible tool for business travel allowing you to track and log your mileage automatically, including important locations that should be logged for record keeping, security or to validate routes. From personal to fleet-wide use across all your vehicles, all you need is an iPhone, the AutoMileage App and a full tank of gas.

Here are some of its key features and benefits at a glance:

  • Set-It-and-Forget-It functionality
  • You only have to set it once, then let it run during your entire workweek while the app tracks and records your routes.
  • Runs in the background
  • No need to start, stop and re-start the app. It is designed to run automatically and out of sight from your regular interaction with the iPhone. (It works on the iPad 3G/4G too!).
  • Set and name locations once, the app will remember them for future tracking
  • Set your home location, then set your main work location (i.e. office or building) to create points of reference when tracking and recording your business miles.
  • User-defined minimum stop duration
  • Set it to 15 minutes or other time period to have the app track your business travel habits and log miles according to your appointments.
  • Add notes for each trip to record additional information
  • Sometimes it is hard to remember every route stop, client details or particular meetings. The AutoMileage App lets you interact with the tracking process to add additional content to support your business mileage logging.

Automatically track your mileage for expense reports and assist with your tax return preparation. This amazing app was created by a CPA (a United States based accountant) who saw the need for better tracking of business miles by his clients.

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