by Jan 14, 2013helpful business tools

As a business owner you are eligible for hundreds of tax deductions aimed at helping your small business succeed. Plus, one of the many benefits of business ownership is the ability to convert some personal expenses to business expenses. For you, all these business deductions could amount to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars a month back in your pocket through tax savings. But here’s the problem:

Here are some of the many potential deductions you may have been missing out on:

  • Home mortgage or rent
  • Business mileage
  • Cell phone, internet
  • Medical premiums & co-pays
  • Travel expenses
  • Business lunches
  • Membership fees
  • Products
  • and many more…

Deductr was built specifically to help business owners get all the deductions they eligible for, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money. It automatically tracks your expenses, mileage and time, so you get the most deductions for the least amount of time.

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